Monday, November 16, 2009


Addressing the National Education Day function in New Delhi on 11th day of this month to commemorate the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, independent India’s first education minister, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, of late, has admitted the truth that attracting best talents for IITs, IIMs, and central universities is a great problem in present circumstances. Is it possible to give opportunities to deserving talents in the framework of existing reservation policies promoted by government? Not only the above prestigious institutes but all other institutions and government departments are also facing quality problems. Our governments – Central or State – lacked foresight in implementing reservation policy in admission of students in higher education. It has been seen that students of reserved categories securing even 2% marks in entrance examinations have been granted admissions in undergraduate and post graduate courses of Medical Science, Technology, Agriculture Science and Business Management etc.There is reservation in recruitment and promotion of teaching staff also. If 50% of our students and teachers come through various reservations, will it not be a day dream to think over quality? As you sow, so you reap. At least Research and Development wings and higher education sectors should have been granted exemptions from reservations.

The government can open 20 more IITs, 10 NITs, 6 IIMs and 600 model schools during the 11th plan (2007-12), but how can it ensure that high quality teaching staff are also recruited? Our scholar Prime minister has realized the problem but suggested no solution. He and our learned education minister Mr. Kapil Sibbal, both know the problem and solution as well, but their hands are tied in present set up of democracy and appeasement policy launched by their predecessors. This is the main reason as to why a scientist working in India never dreams to win a Nobel Prize but the same person when goes to America easily gets it.

Not only educational institutes but all government departments are also facing the quality problem due to the burden of numerous incompetent staff and officers as a byproduct of policy of reservations in recruitment and promotion. At present almost all the top managerial and technical posts of U.P. Power Corporation Ltd, Utpadan Nigam, Jal nigam, Setu Nigam, Irrigation, PWD etc. are held by members of a particular reserved category ignoring the talents and competency of officers and staff of general category. The quality of work in all government departments is getting deteriorated day by day. Here, in our country opportunities are snatched from the real talents in the name of social justice.

B.K.Sinha, Varanasi.