Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Holi is the greatest and most popular colourful festival of India. It has a great cultural and social impact. It advocates socialism in every sphere of life and society. It is a festival celebrated collectively, forgetting all differences – economic, social, cast based, gender based and whatsoever. All the sorrows of life, routine depressions, and bitterness with neighborhood take deep plunge in the ocean of Happy Holi. Everybody embrace each other and greets with smile of joy. Holi gives a great message of unity among diversities. This festival of colours comes every year in the Hindi month of Phagun (March) with arrival of Vasant. People sprinkle different colours, abir-gulal on each other to express their inner happiness. Nature also celebrates this occasion in the same manner. All the seven colours of spectrum may be seen on different flowers, blooming in this particular season with ultra tender leaves on their stems. Cuckoos sing on mango trees and people also sing and dance under their shadows on rhythm of local musical instruments.
All Indians should catch the true message of Holi and take pledge to live throughout the year with love, affection and everlasting joy.
Hajaron rang duniya men, par hamne teen rang chhante hain,
Tiranga banke niklengen, sare bazaar Holi men.
Jai ho, jai ho, jai ho…………………

Samata, samrasata, samanata – jai ho………

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Cricket is very popular in India, Pakistan, Srilanka and Bangladesh. It was taking the shape of a common religion among the people of subcontinent. It was re-establishing the fact that all the countries of the subcontinent have a shared heritage, culture, civilization, likings and tastes irrespective of different ways of worships. Terrorists do not believe in peaceful co-existence and respect to all religions; fundamentalists too. Cricket, therefore, was placed on the top of the hit list of terrorists and result was seen by entire world on March, 3, at Lahore. Six innocent Srilankan players were seriously injured. No words are capable enough to condemn this crime.
Pakistan was an integral part of Ancient India and British India also, up to the year of 1947. The great Indian culture and civilization was nourished and flourished in Indus valley and pious land of Takshashila. But unfortunately, during the period of struggle for freedom, Mr. Jinnah and his followers played a trick to grab power and started spreading the feelings of hatred against Hindus and Hindustan among Muslims. He was successful in convincing the English rulers and most of the Muslim population that Hindus and Muslims are two different races and cannot live together peacefully. His thoughts were given the name of Two Nations Theory and a separate homeland for Muslims was demanded. Indian National congress and British rulers who always believed in divide and rule, bowed down to the demand of Jinnah and Pakistan was formed on a very weak foundation of hatred against India. To add more fuel to the fire, Pak demanded the merger of Kashmir with the Muslim homeland, only on the ground that Muslims were in majority in Kashmir. They tried to grab Kashmir three times with the help of their armed forces but each time they faced humiliating defeats in the hands of strong Indian army. Pakistan lost its eastern part resulting in the birth of Bangladesh. Religion was proved a bond too weak to keep them united. Very soon, Pakistan realized that it was not at all possible to grab Kashmir by invasion with the help of armed forces. They, therefore, planted and encouraged terrorism in Kashmir in the name of Islam. America deliberately or undeliberately supported Pakistan in its all unfair moves. United States provided all means whatsoever to the militants of the region to oust communist government of Afghanistan. A fierce terrorist organization – Taliban - was thus formed with the blessings of American administration which has taken the shape of Bhasmasur today. Pakistan and America are bound to face the consequences. Very soon Pakistan will be disintegrated into pieces. As you sow, so you reap. India also cannot live peacefully in the shade of terrorism. There should be a conscientious among all parties on the issue of terrorism that it must be nipped in the bud at any cost by all means. There is a proverb in Hindi –