Friday, January 30, 2009

Pub Culture

This refers to editorial Just Saffron dated Jan.30,2009. Times Of India appears to be very much worried for modern India. Have you got any real concept of modern India in your mind? It is strange that an intellectual like your columnist advocates pub-culture for an advanced and modern India. Free sex, use of liquor – anywhere, any quantity, any age group, living together without marriage, gay-culture, teen aged boys-girls roaming about hand in hand in malls instead of going to schools are necessary parameters for a modern country in the eyes of your columnist.
A country is recognized by its rich heritage, high per capita income, dedicated leadership, technological development, high standard of education, efficient and transparent administration, good law and order and minimum economic disparity among citizens. For all basic elements narrated above, discipline is the most important thing, required in every stage of life. Is pub-culture going to help even a little to attain above objectives? Karnataka Chief Minister Mr. Yediyurappa should not be criticized all the time like Mr. Narendra Modi even for adopting right stand only because he comes from a so called saffron party. Mr. Ashok Gehlot is a Chief Minister of Congress ruled state. He is not from English media targeted Saffron-Brigade. But he is also against pub-culture. Both CMs are mass leaders. They know India and Indian culture. Their views cannot be ignored with jokes only on grounds of prejudice. Lastly, it is my humble request that the pious colour should not be dragged into unnecessary controversy. It is a symbol of purity,, strong character and sacrifice in Indian culture. Making superfluous and insulting remarks on Saffron Colour hurts the feelings of millions.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It was a nice well deserved victory for India.
Yusuf Pathan's intelligent throw to stumps, resulting in 1st wicket fall of Srilanka may be termed as - well begun half done. Jaysurya - Man of the match, played a brilliant inning of 107 but none of his team-mates could help him in accelerating the run rate. Ishant Sharma did a marvelous jog by grabbing 3 wkts, thus forcing the middle order to remain in their limits. Srilanka anyhow managed a satisfactory total of 246/7.
Start of Indian innings was also disastrous. Great Tendulkar was victim of a very bad decission of umpire. He was given lbw on 5. But Gambhir was not at all disturbed. He continued playing his natural game without giving unneccesary respect to the bowlers. Raina gave a good company to Gambhir and their partnership of 113 runs wrote the story of India's victory on screen. Unfortunate run out of Raina was a big jolt but Yuvraj and Dhoni controlled the situation with patience.
Dhoni is a gem player. With the passage of time, he is getting more matured and intelligent. He was never in hurry. Throughout the innings, India appeared never in crisis. All players including Rohit Sharma were full of confidence. They did not bow down even a little to the spin magic of Mendis. The miraculous Mendis remained wicketless after his full quota of 10 overs. Indians have learnt how to play his magic spin. It is danger alarm for Srilankans. Had Sehwag been in the winning squad, match would have been finished in 40 overs.
It was a well deserved clinical win. Congrats Dhoni.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The serial, shown on COLOURS TV channel is hearttouching. It is a document of atrocities on women in Rajsthan. Mixi and gas stove are seen in kitchen of Anandi; TV, sofa telephone are also there in drawing room. People are also using mobile phones and automobiles. It proves that it is not the story of ancient days, on the contarary, it is story of today. It shows how much, the people of the country in general and Rajsthan in particular are orthodox, traditionalist, backward and cruel to women. If the story is nearer to truth even a little, it is a matter of national shame. It is black spot on the face of Govt. of India, Govt. of Rajsthan and the Women's Liberation Movement lead by self proclaimed prgrssive women. Mrs Medha Patekar, Arundhati Rai and Shabana Azmi should go to the villages of India instead of shouting slogans in front of Gate way of India. There are a number of Anadis, Kanganas, Sugnas, Sumitras and Yamunas in distant villages of so called shining India. They should be taken care of.
Women themselves are the chief exploiter of women. All the innocent women characters of Balika Badhu are victims of Kalyani Devi. Sensible men should also come forward and take oath accompanied by firm effective actions to give justice to their mothers, sisters and daughters.
People responsible for early marriage of girls should be awarded severe punishment. Social awareness is necessary and most important.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Some great Indians like Former President APJ Kalam dreams India to be a Super Power in coming ten years. Is it possible with the present policy of our govt on reservations? It is a proven fact that merit is not required to become an IAS, IPS, Doctor or Engineer. Inefficient people are on the top of almost all govt. organisations. Demacracy has now become a game of power-grab, totally based on appeasement policy. The detoriation in working of govt organisations may be seen and experienced at every moment of your life. Public Distribution System, Police, Administration, Power sector, PWD are some living examples. Our constitution had provided reservations only for ten years and not for indefinite period. Politicians have given this policy an indefinite extension for their short gains. Talents are ignored. Can India fulfill the dreams of great APJ Kalam? It is a matter to be seriously thought and debated by intellectuals