Wednesday, February 25, 2009


last week Md. Azaharuddin, former captain of Indian Cricket team joined Indian National Congress in a public meeting at Hyderabad in a cerimonial way. In their speech, Congress leaders described Azahar as a great son of India and a rare gem to Indian cricket. They used all good adjectives to their dictionaries in their ornamental language for him. Azahar's proven role in match-fixing was forgotten. It is needless to mention that BCCI have imposed a lifetime ban on Azahar for his malpractices, like match fixing in gentlemen game of cricket. Entire nation felt ashamed when this episode was uncovered. He has played dirty games with the prestige of our nation. Congress has decided to award him a ticket for Lok Sabha from Hyderabad parliamentry constituency. Is it not an act of glorifying the crime of match fixing? Congress should stop talking of character, honesty, moral and high values in politics as preached by Father of the nation - Mahatma Gandhi. Appeasement policy of Congress has already taken the price of unfortunate partition in past and now it is going to weaken the roots of largest democracy of the world. Mukhtar Ansari, the known mafia has also managed a BSP ticket from Varanasi Lok Sabha seat. If a candidate gets slightly more than 20% of polled votes in a multicornered contest, he is bound to win. With the help of minority votes, both Azahar and Mukhtar Ansari may win their parliamentary seats and become part of Union cabinet.
Long live Congress! long live BSP!! Long live corruption!!! Long live Democracy!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009



This refers to Rail-Budget presented by honourable Rail Minister Mr. Laloo Pd. Yadav on 13th instant. What is first and final expectation of a passenger traveling by Indian Railways? It is a question to be replied by Mr Yadav. It is regretted that he did not utter even a single word on this important issue while presenting his interim budget. A passenger always wants completion of his journey timely and safely. He hardly bothers whether tea is served in an earthen pot or in a plastic cup. Mr. Laloo Yadav has not, as yet ensured his passengers a safe and time bound journey. Only after seven hours, the rail budget was presented, fourteen bogies of Howrah-Chennai Express faced derailment near Jajpur Road in Orrisa claiming more than twenty lives and serious injuries of several hundred passengers. Number of trains has been increased on same tracks for cheap popularity without considering important safety measures. Now-a-days no routine maintenance of tracks is carried out except emergency maintenance after accidents. Number of berths has been increased in the same coach ignoring the facilities of toilets and cleanliness. Is it possible to sit on any platform of any railway station like New Delhi, Howrah, Varanasi, Mughalsarai and so on without putting a handkerchief on your nose? Even Rajdhanis are not running on time. It has become a regular practice to keep the trains standing waiting at outer signals for hours in search of suitable platforms on all the big stations. Mr. Laloo Yadav sells dreams and always beats drum of his self proclaimed success by his own hands. He is master of this art. I would like to draw his kind attention towards timely and safe operations of all trains.